Alessandro Lisboa - Affiliate Marketing Manager , VaideBob

Alessandro Lisboa

Affiliate Marketing Manager , VaideBob

Alessandro Lisboa is an entrepreneur, businessman, and IT professional with extensive experience in software development and technology team leadership. He has excelled in various initiatives in the digital market, where he has been active since 1994, specializing in marketing for casinos and working in this industry since 2003.

Currently, Alessandro is the CEO of Avante Network, an affiliate platform for online casinos and one of the pioneers in the online casino market in Brazil. He is also the Director of Affiliates at Vai de Bob website and the Director of the online magazine Games Latam. His role in these positions has been crucial in driving the online gaming affiliate market in Brazil and Latin America.

In addition, Alessandro also has vast experience in advertising, journalism, and graphic design, making him a versatile professional with broad skills. He uses his expertise to boost the visibility of the companies he works with while building a strong reputation in his field.

Alessandro is highly active on social media, sharing information and opinions on technology, politics, and various other topics. He strives to stay updated and in tune with market trends, making him a visionary and successful leader in his field.


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