Lucas Garvin - Co-Founder, Thought Leaders Institute
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Lucas Garvin

Co-Founder, Thought Leaders Institute

Lucas is one of the founders of the Thought Leaders Institute, where he helps coaches, consultants, and course creators scale their businesses with more freedom.

After years of working behind the scenes as a marketing agency for some of the biggest brands and names in the expert industry, Lucas and his business partner, Jim Hohl, decided to completely change their model to create more freedom in their own businesses and lives.

So, they set out to create a SCALABLE BUSINESS. That means no sales calls, no constant content production, no frantic promotions.

It was the best thing Lucas ever did for his business and life, and now he has helped over 20,000 coaches, consultants, experts, and agency owners in over 100 niches worldwide reach many more people, say goodbye to sales calls, and experience the freedom of a truly scalable business in the world-class training and coaching programs of the Thought Leaders Institute.


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