Matheus Bicalho - Diretor Comercial, 7K Partners

Matheus Bicalho

Diretor Comercial, 7K Partners

Matheus Bicalho is currently the Sales Director at Partners. He is completing his degree in Managerial Processes and holds a certification as an Investment Specialist. In his career in the financial market, he has managed over 100 million in asset allocations in active portfolios that outperformed their benchmarks.

In the Gambling industry, Matheus began his journey in 2020 with EstrelaBet, where he was involved in all aspects of the business, from street models to the online migration through a turnkey solution.

Upon joining the company to spearhead the expansion process, he actively participated in growing the company from 4 to over 100 employees within 2 years. He successfully delivered projects such as call centers, sales departments, finance departments, HR, and others.

His efforts led the company to achieve its first billion in monthly game processing, placing the company in the top 10 in the national ranking.

Matheus has extensive experience managing a team of 35 people and has mentored over 5 highly qualified supervisors who are respected professionals in the market.

He has directly worked with over 4,000 affiliates, which contributed to achieving such impressive results.


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