Pedro Sobral - Counselor and Specialist, Grupo Permaneo

Pedro Sobral

Counselor and Specialist, Grupo Permaneo

Pedro entered the online advertising market over eight years ago and developed unique techniques for online ads. He popularized the term “traffic management” and made significant contributions to the world of paid traffic.

Today, after providing over 100 consultations, personally assisting over 200 launches, managing over R$300 million in ads, and delivering over 230 free classes, Pedro has nearly 40,000 students in his flagship product, the Sobral de Tráfego Community. He is also among the top 25 highest-earning accounts on Hotmart worldwide. In addition to his main product, Pedro offers the Subido Ao Vivo (live event) and Subido PRO (personalized training program).

Now, together with his wife Priscila Zillo, Pedro is a co-founder and partner in the business group with one of the most significant results in the country’s infoproduct market, the Permaneo Group.


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