Roberto Cortez - Digital Entrepreneur, Online Advertising and Digital Marketing
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Roberto Cortez

Digital Entrepreneur, Online Advertising and Digital Marketing

Roberto Cortez is an expert in Online Advertising and Digital Marketing. He has been working in these two professional fields for over 10 years and has become a reference in the market, especially in Google and Meta Ads.

He has managed over 10 million euros in Online Advertising in his own business and his clients’ businesses.

In 2019, he founded his Digital Marketing agency, Massive Growth & Performance, a highly focused agency on online ads and performance, based in Porto.

In 2020, with a special passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, he created the Digital Acceleration Program. An online community of Digital Marketing where over 1200 incredible professionals have already passed through and currently has over 800 active members, where results are real, regardless of each one’s area.

He is a Mentor at Prolancer, a mentoring program dedicated to Freelancers, where he shares his knowledge and experience as he has already walked the path they are starting to explore.

Roberto is the author of the book “Learn to Sell with Digital Marketing” and Founder of one of the largest Digital Marketing events in the country: AdSummit.

He is passionate about his wife and children.


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