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Afiliados Brasil, with its first edition in 2013, is the largest Affiliate Marketing event in the world in portuguese. With an extremely qualified public, the event is seen by the target audience as a watershed in their career: those who go to one do not miss the next ones.

Created by professionals linked to Affiliate Marketing, Flávio Raimundo and Paulo Faustino, the event brings together not only bloggers and webmasters, but also affiliates, companies, agencies, advertisers, traffic buyers and sellers and all types of business users directly or indirectly linked to affiliation on the internet.

Focused on the development of techniques and tactics to improve income and sales of projects on the internet aimed at affiliation, the event features the best speakers in the area. And also some new affiliation talents, with the aim of sharing, for three days, all the techniques on how to earn money online through affiliate programs.

In 2024, already in its tenth year, it will take place at the Frei Caneca Convention Center, at Rua Frei Caneca, 569 – 5th floor, on the 23th, 24th and 25th of May 2024.

See some of the booth that have passed through Afiliados Brasil

See more booth photos and other photos from the event in the gallery.

Afiliados Brasil in numbers
See the evolution in the number of participants over the years.


  • Booth with 24 square meters and basic assembly;
  • Folder (made by the sponsor) enclosed with the event’s support material;
  • 24 VIP tickets;
  • Different price for purchasing more tickets;
  • Logo on the event credential;
  • Logo on the website www.afiliadosbrasil.com with sponsor and exhibitor status;
  • Hotsite at www.expoafiliados.com for one year;
  • Logo on all support material;
  • Logo next to the “Eu fui” space;
  • A lecture of up to 40 minutes in one of the auditoriums at a time to be chosen;
  • Three panels measuring 1 x 2 m for sticking (at the expense of the sponsor) in the Expo Afiliados area;
  • Undetermined full-page ad in Afiliados Magazine distributed at the event.
  • Priority in proposing other sponsorship items
  • Special discount for expanding the booth (you only pay € 320.00 /sqm for anything exceeding 15sqm).
15,900.00 + City Hall and Electricity Fee (*)

Exclusive Cocktail Sponsorship on Thursday or Friday (5/23 or 5/24):

  • A cocktail will be offered to event participants, with an exclusive sponsor;
  • This cocktail takes place after the last lecture of the day, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, in the booth area.
Investment per day. Includes drinks, snacks and a band.

Expo Afiliados

Expo Afiliados is a business fair that takes place simultaneously with Afiliados Brasil, where companies have a unique opportunity to show products and services to all Afiliados Brasil participants.

Participation in Expo Afiliados takes place only through booths. The value varies according to the size of the booth and according to the table below:

From 6 m² to 11 m² ==> € 518.00 / sqm

From 12 m² to 15 m² ==> € 495.00 / sqm

From 16 m² to 20 m² ==> € 475.00 / sqm

From 21 m² or more ==> € 455.00 / sqm

+ City Hall and Electricity Fee (*)

The above values ​​include a booth with Basic Assembly shown in the image below, with the appropriate specifications indicated:

The basic assembly consists of walls, gray carpet on the floor, front panel with the company’s name in Swiss letters, lighting and a socket.

Important: each exhibitor can rent furniture and other decoration accessories from the official assembler or any other company. You can also upgrade or even build a booth from scratch. Metro Quadrado, the official assembler of Afiliados Brasil, is qualified to develop any type of project, however if the exhibitor already works with another assembler, we have no restrictions on other assemblers.

Other important information about participating in Expo Afiliados

modelo de montagem

  • Logo on the Afiliados Brasil website – all exhibitors, regardless of the size of the booth, have the right to publish their company logo with a link to the website;
  • Expo Afiliados website – all exhibitors, regardless of the size of the booth, are entitled to a hotsite on the website www.expoafiiliados.com for a period of one year after the event;
  • VIP invitations – all exhibitors receive a quota of VIP invitations to be distributed to customers and people of interest to the exhibitor. The quantity is one VIP invitation per m²;
  • Exhibitor Credentials – all exhibitors receive a quota of Exhibitor Credentials for use by people who will work at the booth during the event. The quantity is one Exhibitor Credential per m²;
  • Discount for advertising in the Afiliados Magazine – all exhibitors have a discount for advertising in the Afiliados Magazine, which is distributed free of charge at the event. This discount is negotiated individually and is in accordance with the size of the booth;
  • Exhibitor’s Manual – all exhibitors have access to the Exhibitor’s Manual, an online platform from Afiliados Brasil with assembly rules, schedules, indication of suppliers and everything the exhibitor needs to have an effective and peaceful participation;
  • Help Desk – Flávio Raimundo is available via email, cell phone and WhatsApp to clarify and provide full support to the exhibitor from the day the participation contract is signed until the event takes place.


City Hall Fee – based on Law No. 13,477, of December 30, 2002, Art. 2nd and Art. 4 and Decree No. 44,052 of December 2011, art. 3 of the Municipality of São Paulo, a fee is charged per booth for the duration of the event. This fee, in 2022 was € 40.00 per booth and for the entire duration of the event. In 2023 it will be readjusted according to the criteria and index of the Municipality of São Paulo. To make things easier, the Afiliados Brasil organization generates slips on the City Hall website and sends them to each exhibitor to pay;

Electric Energy Fee – each exhibitor pays an electric energy consumption fee for the duration of the event. This fee varies according to the size of the booth and is priced at € 15.00 / sqm.

Questions – if you have any further questions, fill out the contact form on this page or send a direct email to flavio@flavioraimundo.com.br

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Investment: € 1,500.00. This value is only for the booklet service, that is, the making of what will be included is at the expense of the customer.
  • Material insert
  • Folder insert or leaflet in the event support material bag



Advertise in the only magazine related to Affiliate Marketing in portuguese!

Afiliados Magazine is a magazine in print and digital formats.

The aim of Afiliados Magazine is to offer content aimed at the affiliation public, promoting the opportunity to learn everything that is needed to effectively monetize projects and leverage the business of affiliates on the internet.

Through interviews, articles, systematic promotion of training and tutorials and direct contact with sponsoring platforms, the magazine is an opinion-forming vehicle in the segment.

In addition to the printed magazine, we also have a publication in digital format, with all the printed content.

In all Afiliados Brasil events, copies of the Afiliados Magazine will be distributed to all registered participants, sponsors, press, guests and other participants of the event. Get to know the digital version of Afiliados Magazine.

Ad formats and values:

Second Cover
Second Cover
Third Cover
Third Cover
Forth cover
Forth cover
Full Page
Full Page
1/2 page
1/2 page
Double page
Double page


Ads of up to ½ a page must have a border and full-page ads, 0.5 cm indentation.

An ad with a specific page will only be accepted if it is greater than or equal to ½ a page, as well as an increase of 30% in the table value.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact Flávio Raimundo - flavio@flavioraimundo.com.br or fill out the form below: