101 Hacks to Produce More Content in Less Time (with High Persuasion) – by Victor Palandi

Victor Palandi
Published on 02/02/2023

In 40 minutes, you will have 101 quick techniques, easy to apply, to put into practice right after watching the presentation, even if you have little time or don’t know where to start in producing content for your project, whether for a blog, YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, or any other platform – Warning: I won’t talk about life stories or motivational blabbering!

About the author
Victor Palandi

Victor Palandi

Aos 13 anos, decidiu que escreveria em alguns blogs de futebol. Ao receber seu primeiro pagamento, vindo do Google AdSense, em dólar, percebeu que mais do que “treino”, poderia conseguir alguma renda extra. E, então,...

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