A Blue Ocean of Opportunities for Selling Products as Affiliates

Marcio Eugênio
Published on 03/02/2023

The sector of the Brazilian economy that is growing the most is e-commerce. It has been growing constantly since 2009, always above 20% per year, and has the possibility of growing 2 to 3 times in the next 4 years. Currently, the affiliate product market is very underexplored, which means that there is a lot of space TODAY to achieve great results, as competition is low, and there is also a BIG opportunity for those who position themselves now, as they can take full advantage of this great growth for the coming years.

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Marcio Eugênio

Marcio Eugênio

Marcio Eugênio é especialista em e-commerce. É também colunista em diversos portais relacionados ao comércio virtual, administração e empreendedorismo, além de contar com uma vasta experiência em vendas online. Ele acredita que é possível vender...

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