Advantages, strategies, and management of an exclusive program at Awin – by Rodrigo, Jefferson, Leonardo, Rafael, and Daniel

Rodrigo Genoveze
Published on 02/02/2023

In this chat with three major advertisers from the retail, tourism, and service industries, strategies involving exclusive work with an affiliate network are discussed. From the ease of program management to aspects such as technology, expertise, and differentiated service, the advertisers discuss the benefits of focusing affiliate marketing efforts on a single network.

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Rodrigo Genoveze

Rodrigo Genoveze

Rodrigo Genoveze, diretor geral da Awin no Brasil desde 2011, iniciou sua carreira com a Awin na Espanha, em 2007, atuando como diretor executivo de vendas durante os últimos anos. Nestes quatro anos com a...

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