Affiliate Manager – Your Next Level

Giordano Narada
Published on 03/02/2023

There are over 40,000 active (selling) info products registered on the largest digital product platform in Brazil, and less than 5% of these products are profitable. Why? Because most of the time, those who produce them have no idea how to sell what they have created. The Affiliate Manager solves this problem, but THERE ARE NO MANAGERS IN THE MARKET. Those that do exist are overloaded. There is a HUGE pent-up demand waiting for qualified professionals for this job, and this talk will open your mind to this new career, profession, and business model called Affiliate Management.

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Giordano Narada

Giordano Narada

Empresário no ramo de Internet Marketing, afiliado profissional e gerente de afiliados de mais de 12 infoprodutos no mercado, se tornou uma das referências brasileiras, tanto para o mercado de afiliados, quanto (e especialmente) para...

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