Affiliate Marketing: How to Stay One Step Ahead in a Developing Market – by Ramon, Silvia, Ixan, and Leonardo.

Silvia Pente
Published on 02/02/2023

Affiliate marketing professionals and affiliate networks thrive on their ability to channel high-quality traffic to their advertiser clients. Quality cannot be determined by intuition and guesswork. Verifying the value of advertising traffic provided by affiliates requires precision, transparency, and real-time metrics. However, as campaigns generate increasingly large volumes of data and cross multiple “touchpoints” and channels ranging from coupon and review sites to mobile apps and social networks, this seems easier said than done. This session will explore how to bring the power of transparency and data-driven decision-making to affiliate marketing, helping providers exceed customer expectations, adapt to changes, and grow and thrive in the Latin American digital advertising market.

About the author
Silvia Pente

Silvia Pente

Com 7 anos de experiência em marketing digital, Silvia começou sua carreira em 2010 na rede proeminente Awin (conhecida como Affiliate Window). Em 2013 juntou-se a equipa do CAKE como Account Manager eventualmente transferindo para...

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