Bypassing Adblock: How to Profit in the Age of Ad Blockers – by Fernando Quintella

Fernando Quintella
Published on 02/02/2023

Currently, many affiliates are facing the problem of Adblock and similar ad-blocking tools. Plugins, VPN services, native browser functions, and even anti-virus software have implemented the so-called “ad killer” function. In the world of affiliate networks, few will survive this market trend unless there is a simple and reliable solution: the anti-adblocker. This technology has come to solve a problem in digital marketing and is of interest to both advertisers and affiliates. What is it? How does it work? Get to know the tool that promises to boost your digital business.

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Fernando Quintella

Fernando Quintella

Sou Fernando Quintella, CEO da Actionpay Brasil, uma rede de afiliação focada em campanhas de produtos físicos e serviços.

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