Conversational Selling: The insight that made me change my entire business strategy – by Carlos Ramos.

Carlos Ramos
Published on 02/02/2023

In this talk, Carlos Ramos, CEO of Simplix and Representative of Digital Marketer, will reveal to you the biggest insight he brought from this year’s Traffic and Conversion Summit. Using this concept of a different sales methodology, combined with the adoption of new tools such as MESSENGER BOTS, Uncle Carlos will show you how you too can revamp your affiliate business and double or maybe even triple your profitability in the coming months.

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Carlos Ramos

Carlos Ramos

Empresário há mais de 20 e Apaixonado por Marketing e Comunicação, é o representante oficial de referência da Digital Marketer no Brasil. O maior especialista nos processos e metodologia da maior empresa de marketing digital...

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