Digital Evolution: Pathway to Success – by Javier Gómez and Marino Gualano

Javier Gómez
Published on 02/02/2023

Marino Gualano, Co-Founder and General Manager of MainAd, offers insights on how to find success and grow in the constantly evolving digital marketplace. With a decade of digital experience, Marino will demonstrate how MainAd’s boutique approach has brought longevity and expansion on an international stage. By looking at how the digital evolution of adspace can alter expectations for good performance, Marino highlights strategies that have worked to create a successful formula that consistently drives advertiser conversions.

About the author
Javier Gómez

Javier Gómez

Javier Gómez, diretor do departamento de afiliados da zanox Brasil, iniciou sua carreira com a zanox na Espanha, em 2007, atuando como Technical Sales Engineer, no departamento técnico. Com mais de 7 anos de experiencia...

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