Don’t Create a Product, Create a Business: Inbound Marketing to Consolidate Your Company on the Internet – by Guilherme Mazetto

Guilherme Mazetto
Published on 02/02/2023

The work of a product creator goes far beyond the creation of the product itself. In this presentation, I will introduce some attraction techniques to boost your results in traffic, lead generation, and sales. Learn how to build a strong digital presence around your brand with inbound marketing strategies that will help you consolidate your company on the internet.

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Guilherme Mazetto

Guilherme Mazetto

Empresário, atuo como executivo a frente da Kodame, empresa especializada em serviços web. Formado em tecnologia pela Fatec, trabalho com internet há 10 anos. Transitei por diferentes áreas do trabalho com web. Iniciei o trabalho...

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