How to generate long-term sales assets in the competitive affiliate marketing industry – by Paulo Maccedo

Paulo Maccedo
Published on 01/02/2023

The importance of creating a content plan for affiliate work. Content is a powerful asset for marketing and sales, and if affiliates don’t invest in it, they may be counting their days in the market. In a world where people are increasingly skeptical about advertising, it’s not enough to just rely on sponsored links and get quick results. It’s necessary to think ahead, spread ideas, engage people, and ensure effective positioning.

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Paulo Maccedo

Paulo Maccedo

27 anos, do Rio de janeiro. Reside atualmente em Cabo Frio com a esposa Patrícia e o filho Gabriel. Analista de Marketing pela Universidade Metodista de São Paulo. Trabalha com comunicação há 7 anos e...

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