Journey of a Successful Affiliate Marketer – by Natália Montanari

Natália Montanari
Published on 02/02/2023

In this talk, you’ll learn about Natalia’s journey as an affiliate marketer and all the mistakes and successes she had throughout her businesses, until she became a successful affiliate marketer. Natalia will open up and share all the strategies that worked for her and the path she took to achieve her goals.

About the author
Natália Montanari

Natália Montanari

Meu nome é Natália Montanari, sou mãe do Nicholas e do Nathan, e apaixonada por empreendedorismo online. Sou expert em marketing digital e atualmente trabalho como afiliada e infoprodutora. Enfermeira de formação, larguei minha profissão e...

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