Selling Subscription and Recurrence Every Day – by Luciano Augusto

Luciano Augusto
Published on 01/02/2023

In this talk, Prof Ms Luciano Augusto will show you how you can build recurring revenue, whether with a physical product subscription club or subscriptions to your digital portal. With over 8,500 paying students in our portals, I will share retention and sales techniques. I will also show how affiliates/producers can start in this market today, highlighting trends and opportunities in the fastest-growing market in the country.

About the author
Luciano Augusto

Luciano Augusto

Mestre em saúde pela USP, Luciano Augusto é um empresário da internet, já treinou mais de 100 mil alunos em diversos países, atualmente é CEO da F15D, uma Startup colaborativa da economia Mesh que já...

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