Iuri Meira Rabelo - CEO, Grupo Sideral

Iuri Meira Rabelo

CEO, Grupo Sideral

In late 2018, I took my first step into the digital market, selling products from China using a strategy called Dropshipping.

In 2019, I experienced a rollercoaster ride. My online store was already generating around 10,000 Brazilian Reais in net profit per month, but overnight, everything came to a halt. That’s when I had to face my biggest challenge: depression. I struggled with it until the end of that year. In 2020, I discovered the world of digital products and co-production. It was a year of tremendous learning, and I made a conscious decision not to focus solely on making money but rather to sharpen my skills. And that’s exactly what I did.

At the end of 2020, I launched my own product. This project generated 60 million Brazilian Reais in sales and completely transformed my life. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it also marked a new era for those who employ direct marketing strategies.

I positioned myself as an expert and started teaching what I was doing. This led to the development of methodologies that are still being used today, such as the Infinite Test and VSL Express. Through my mentorship program, “A Quebra da Matrix,” I have helped over 150 individuals achieve their first million on the internet.

I founded the Sideral Group, a holding company composed of four businesses: Start Recovery, which provides services with a sales team; Sideral Ads, which has become a reference in traffic management; Sideral Infoprodutora, operating in the PLR market; and Iuri Treinamentos, where I share my knowledge through infoproducts.


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